Praise HeART  Available Events:

Not your "typical" painting party or workshop!  Each painting holds many layers of reflection and journaling, freedom, and expression through the paint.

Perfect for Women's ministries, retreats, conferences and fellowship events.

We will come to you and bring all necessary supplies! 
You get to sit back and enjoy the evening with the other participants. 
Prices subject to canvas size, workshop selected and length of the event.

road trip!

Looking for a workshop in your neck of the woods?
Let us bring our creative workshops to You!
Praise heART does Road Trips!
Contact us for details and pricing!
(Pricing will include a flat fee, lodging, and travel expenses.....
but still surprisingly affordable!)

Everyone is talking about it...coloring in their Bibles and creating visuals through the Word. Did you know anyone can enter into the creative world of Bible Journaling? No experience is necessary as I walk you through tips, techniques, tricks and cheats!
We offer a full day workshop where we teach how to combine creativity, color and Worship within the pages of your Bible!!
I promise you, your walk will never be the same!!  Your women will be on fire in your Women's Ministry! When the right brain joins with the left brain, and we study with creativity...revelation is released.

Fall in love with the Scriptures in 2017 and stick with that reading plan!! 

Contact me to set up a workshop through your church!

Fundraising Opportunities!

Pick Your Event Theme Below:

A quick look at pricing:
Painting Parties:
*11 x 14 canvas: $35.00 pp, with 10 paid registrations, hostess is free.

*16 x 20 Canvas: 40.00 pp, with 10 paid registrations, hostess is free.

Scripture Bouquets:
*35.00 pp, includes vases and paper to complete a full bouquet:  with 10 paid registrations, hostess is free.

Birthday Parties:
*25.00 pp -8 x 10 canvas


  1. A Journey into Forgiveness
    Be Still
    A Journey into Forgiveness
    Layer by layer we walk through forgiveness, utilizing Psalm 51:10 - 12 and Hosea.
  2. What does being fully satisfied look like?
    What does being fully satisfied look like?
    We will walk through The Beatitudes with each layer - we go deeper and deeper into the Word.
  3. Lisa Albinus, Mixed media
    Scripture Bouquet
    Scripture memorization, or darling gifts
    Want to engage your women in a bible memorization for the new year? why not make it fun? Is there a bride, a baby in your future? Someone in need of healing? A scripture Bouquet workshop is the perfect fellowship activity! (Custom orders accepted on "Products" page!)
  4. Seasons of Change
    Seasons of Change
    Trees are the perfect example of letting go of yesterday and investing in the new seasons of this workshop we walk through letting yesterday go and releasing into the dreams of tomorrow.
  5. Lisa Albinus, Praise heart
    Faith/Hope and Love
    We will walk through the Biblical meanings of faith, hope and love and address our challenges, through paint and color!
  6. Lisa Albinus, Praise Heart
    Angel Wings
    Decreeing Freedom Through Psalm 91
    An incredibly powerful evening where participants let shackles go and decree freedom in their future! This makes an amazing evening for a women's event, with worship and a prayer team!
  7. lisa Albinus, praise heart
    Personal Cross
    Each Participant Makes a Completely Personalized Cross
    A statement of where you have been and a prayer to the One who holds your dreams. Each cross is completely personalized according to your needs and prayers! Makes a wonderful present for a new marriage, or new baby.
  8. Lisa Albinus, praise heart
    Words of Life
    Completely Personalized Words of Encouragement
    What a fun workshop!! Intimidated by "painting"? Want to still have fun? This is the workshop for you - wildly fun, always amazing results, and so empowering as we speak life over each other!
  9. Lisa Albinus, Praise Heart
    Angel of Hope
    We All Need Extra help Every Now And Again!
    What do you need? An Angel of Joy? an Angel of Hope? An Angel of Peace, love, see this angel can be customized to your needs! This painting involves a bit more hands on instruction, so should be kept to smaller groups.
  10. Bible Journaling, lisa albinus
    Bible Journaling Workshope
    We Cover All Aspects of Bible Journaling!
    What Is Bible Journaling? Imagine a new way to engage with Scripture, where you use all of your senses to delight in the Word of God, and experience Him in ways you have never imagined. Through color and creativity the scriptures come alive within the confines of an art journal, or tucked within the pages of your Bible.. No experience necessary, we will guide you through captivating techniques that will get you started on your new journey. Are you ready to take your Bible studies to the next level? Want to learn how to visually capture the Scriptures you are reading? Are you looking for a new, fun, creative way to aid you in Bible memorization? Be prepared to combine revelation with inspiration through this workshop!
  11. lisa albinus, mixed media
    Mixed Media Workshops
    Gratitude Journaling: Journaling through the Scriptures
    Gratitude Journaling has the biggest faith builder in my walk - let me come and teach your women the ins and out of journaling, using a tantalizing amount of mediums and techniques!
  12. salty sidewalk, lisa albinus, mixed media
    Birthday Parties
    Children and adults, paintings custom designed to delight!
    Want to have a painting party, but don't want to worry about all of the set-up and clean up? Let us come in and delight your guests with custom designed paintings meant to thrill!
  13. Lisa Albinus, Mixed media
    What Gifts do you have to give to your King?
    We will walk through the legend of the poinsettia and the gifts we offer our King.
  14. lisa Albinus, mixed media
    Harvest Time
    The season is now for the great do you walk that out?
    We will walk through the different ways to harvest, a meaningful look at our place in the Kingdom.
  15. praise heart, lisa albinus
    Evergreen Boughs
    He Is Never Changing and Always Listening
    His love is never ending, His grace readily available. This wreath can be used year round in your home as a circle around your prayer requests. A reminder that He hears our prayers as they drift towards the throne room, 365 days a year!
  16. Courage, mixed media
    When she gave courage to her wings, she became who she was created to be.
  17. Breathe In Indentity Truths!
    I AM...Scriptural Affirmations
    Breathe In Indentity Truths!
    Start listening to WHOSE you are and turn off Who You Are not
  18. Do Small Things WIth Great Love
    Small Things
    Do Small Things WIth Great Love
    A mixed-media canvas that is as cute as can be!! Fill your mason jar with His blessings!!
  19. Abide in His Love
    Abide in His Love
    What does it mean to abide in His love? Join us on a mixed-media journey into His grace!
  20. Handlettering and Watercolors
    Handlettering and Watercolors
    15.00 per person. Lets explore a hand lettering style that is all yours and that you can fall in love with - and learn how to control those naughty, misbehaving watercolors!
     Ask about hosting a workshop or painting party as a fundraiser for your ministry or mission trip!

Parties require participants to pay a non-refundable, $10.00 deposit to confirm their registration.  A custom link will be provided at the time of your booking. 

Workshop Pricing:
Includes 3 hour instruction:
*Mixed Media Journaling
*Scripture Bouquet
*Bible Journaling
$35.00 pp

Seminar Pricing:
Includes 6 Hours instruction/Full Day Event
*Mixed Media Journaling
*Scripture Bouquet
*Bible Journaling
Does not include meal/catering cost.

Reservations are non-refundable.  We understand that life happens and we can work at getting you into another party.  We will exchange your date for another date, with no refunds offered.

"Abide" Painting close-up


Seasonal Paintings

"Bezalel" will take us through an in-depth journey through the Tabernacle, finding us in the "Holy of Holies" by the weekend's end. We will combine this journey of our heart with the excitement of creative expression.  Today, He is calling out for a creative army to proclaim His name through color. Do you hear the call?

Join me, in the beautiful mountains of NC, next May, 2018. We will explore the roadblocks set out to distract and dissuade us from the promises made over us as we work on canvases and in altered books.  We will explore encaustics, acrylics, watercolors and grounds, spackle and embellishments as we journey through the tabernacle together.

No experience necessary, gentle teaching and guidance available to you all weekend, where the beginner will become enthralled and the experienced will become enchanted!

There will be no return on deposits, or refunded payments, after April 1, 2018
Reservations coming soon!

*Altered Journals!

Bezalel reservations coming soon!

Payment plans will be available for 2018 retreat.  Only 15 spots will be available!

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Are you a hostess looking to set up a party?  Please email me and we will work on setting up an email invite and reservation page!
I look forward to working with you!
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